Newswire: Emmy snubs rub Lee Daniels, other celebs the wrong way

This year’s Primetime Emmy nominations were announced at the far godlier hour of 11:30 a.m. Eastern, but that didn’t prevent some tempers from flaring. There’s always a wave of disappointment after missing out on a nomination which some performers just can’t contain.

There was this Zen koan-like response from Broad City’s Abbi Jacobson:

Who do you have to peg in this town??!

— Abbi Jacobson (@abbijacobson) July 16, 2015

The Nation sports editor Dave Zirin weighed in—because the Emmys are a kind of sport, we guess—and wondered wherefore art the nominations for Empire:

And where is the best supporting actor nom for Jussie Smollett or Bryshere Grey for #DripDrop alone???

— Dave Zirin (@EdgeofSports) July 16, 2015

Zirin, it seems, is a fan of the single “Drip Drop” released by the fictional Lyon brothers, played by Bryshere Gray and Jussie Smollett on the …

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