Newswire: Eminem is getting sued for allegedly stealing a sample used in “Rap God”

Words can hurt, and sometimes they hurt the pocketbook. That’s currently the case for Eminem, whose song “Rap God” entered the Guinness Book of World Records for containing the most words in a hit single (1,560, according to Guinness—we lost count after 23). Apparently, those words allegedly include a 25-second sample lifted from Chicago rap group Hotstylz’s single, “Lookin’ Boy,” and Hotstylz member Raymond Jones, aka Raydio G, is suing Eminem and Interscope records for $8 million over the song. TMZ has a side-by-side comparison of the “Rap God” excerpt in contention and the relevant section of “Lookin’ Boy.” There is a brief space where the music sounds similar—maybe not $8 million worth of similarity, but then again, if you have one opportunity to sue Eminem, you probably don’t want to risk lowballing the number.

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