Newswire: Emile Hirsch gets 15 days in jail for assaulting a woman at Sundance

It may sometimes seem like celebrities can get away with whatever they want, but for every dozen or so guys like Roman Polanski who are completely and utterly above the law, there are one or two celebrities who actually get punished when they do something wrong. Surprisingly, Into The Wild star Emile Hirsch is one such celebrity. Well, barely.

Earlier this year, Hirsch was charged with felony assault after he attacked a movie studio executive at a party during Sundance—though “attacked” doesn’t really paint enough of a picture. Hirsch was reportedly visibly drunk, and when this woman decided to walk away from him after he started yelling at her for being “a rich kid” who didn’t deserve to be at Sundance, he dragged her across a table, jumped on her chest, and started choking her. She said that she felt like the front and back of her …

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