Newswire: Elton John wants you to make a “Rocket Man” music video

It’s been about 44 years since “Rocket Man” was released as a single off of Elton John’s Honky Château. So it’s probably a little past due for that song to get a music video. Not to mention 1971’s “Tiny Dancer” and 1973’s “Benny And The Jets.” But, you know, Elton John is a busy guy—he has memoirs to write and presidential inaugurations to not play. He doesn’t have time to muck about with promotional films for half-century-old songs. So, he’s outsourcing the work to you! (No pressure; that’s a collective “you.”)

Co-songwriters Elton John and Bernie Taupin are collaborating with YouTube on a contest that would have participants submit their own music videos for the three all-night-diner mainstay songs, The Los Angeles Times reports. For “Rocket Man,” they’re requesting animated submissions, and choreographed submissions for “Bennie And The Jets.” No …

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