Newswire: Elton John cancels tour after “rare and potentially deadly” infection

Usually, people come down with mysterious infections after visiting Las Vegas. But according to Billboard, the opposite is true for Sir Elton John, who was forced to cancel an upcoming run of shows at Ceasars Place after becoming violently ill on a return flight home to the U.K. from Santiago, Chile, where John just wrapped up a South American tour. All joking aside, John spent two nights in intensive care suffering from what a statement alternately refers to as a “harmful and unusual” and “rare and potentially deadly” bacterial infection. He then spent several more days in the hospital before being released on April 22, and is now resting at home.

Luckily, he’ll be fine. “Thankfully, Elton’s medical team identified this quickly and treated it successfully. He is expected to make a full and complete recovery,” his rep tells The New York Times. But he can’t …

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