Newswire: Elizabeth Perkins and Kevin Nealon to star in Amy Poehler’s high concept new comedy

According to Deadline, former Weeds co-stars Elizabeth Perkins and Kevin Nealon have been cast in an “untitled royal family comedy pilot” for NBC that will be executive produced and directed by Amy Poehler. The project sounds a little high concept (which would be a good setup for a joke about pot, given the Weeds connection), and it will reportedly center on the fictional kingdom of Modaria, “known for the manufacture of mopeds and tiny cars.” Nealon will play Adrian, the king of Modria, and Perkins will play his wife, Queen Tuesday. The pilot will also star Nico Evers-Swindell (Grimm, Manhattan Love Story), Tim Baltz (Drunk History), and Jessie Ennis (Veep), all of whom are playing children of Modaria’s royal family.

Deadline also suggests that the working title for the show is Dumb Prince, though that doesn’t appear to be official yet. If that is the final title, Evers-Swindell …

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