Newswire: Elizabeth Banks to play Billie Jean King for HBO

Apparently, the 1973 “Battle Of The Sexes” tennis match between hero woman Billie Jean King and chauvinistic jerk Bobby Riggs has—like Frankenstein and The Wizard Of Oz before it—reached the point where it’s cool if everybody just makes a ton of different competing movies about the same thing. Danny Boyle was reportedly working on a “Battle Of The Sexes” movie last year, as was Will Ferrell—with Ferrell himself set to play Riggs in that version. Now, HBO is throwing its fuzzy, little ball into the court with its own “Battle Of The Sexes” movie. Variety says it will star Elizabeth Banks as King and Paul Giamatti as Riggs, with David Auburn (the playwright behind Proof) writing the script. Oddly, Variety says that the film doesn’t have a title yet, even though HBO is obviously going to just call it either Battle Of The Sexes or …

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