Newswire: Elizabeth Banks’ Charlies Angels reboot has a writer now

Once upon a time, a grown woman directed Pitch Perfect 2, and made her studio a pretty massive amount of money. She was then assigned—or, rather, offered, along with a bunch of other projectsto make a reboot of Charlie’s Angels, a movie franchise that had been driven thoroughly into the ground. Then, a screenwriter was hired to help her script her film, and now he works for her. His name… is Evan Spiliotopoulos.

Yes, Elizabeth Banks’ Charlie’s Angels reboot is proceeding forward, with Hercules scripter Spiliotopoulos signing on to provide Banks’ as-yet-unknown new cast with some fresh, presumably irony-heavy banter to spout off while dodging explosions and fighting bad guys in improbably high-heeled shoes. We still don’t know much about Banks’ project at this point—even its status as a reboot is pretty much just guesswork—but the Hunger Games star did reveal a few …

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