Newswire: Eliza Coupe to guest star on The Mindy Project

The now-separated cast of ABC’s three-season cult success comedy Happy Endings have become the wanderlust-afflicted nomads of the sitcom world. Sure, one of them will settle for a time—a Benched here, a Marry Me there—but soon the buzzards will begun to circle, and it’ll be time for Elisha Cuthbert or Casey Wilson to take their leave, trudging off into the harsh deserts of pilot season once again. Former co-star Adam Pally managed to hole up at Fox for a while on Mindy Kaling’s The Mindy Project, playing fellow OB/GYN Peter Prentiss. But Peter departed the show in its third season, not long before it was announced that the series would be making the move from Fox to online streaming service Hulu.

But as the Bible says, God doesn’t close an Adam Pally-shaped door without opening an Eliza Coupe-shaped window, and so it’s …

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