Newswire: Elijah Wood is sick of being mistaken for Daniel Radcliffe

This past spring, the internet did its best to fuse diminutive lookalikes Elijah Wood and Daniel Radcliffe into a single, blue-eyed babe. But the effort that went into that morphing GIF is precisely the kind of thing that rankles Wood (and probably Radcliffe, who must be at least somewhat similar to Wood in temperament as he is in height). What should just be an online pastime has leaked into the real world—Wood says he’s constantly confused for Radcliffe by fans (no word on casting directors). This case of mistaken identity has hit a fever pitch. As Wood tells Conan O’Brien, denying being Harry Potter has become as prevalent an activity as correcting people on his DJ name (hint: it’s not Frodo).

Now, anyone who can tell a Harfoot from a Fallohide should be able to distinguish between two actors who are about eight years apart in …

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