Newswire: El Rey to celebrate feuding families with Thanksgiving kung fu marathon

Thanksgiving is a holiday known for many wonderful things, from turkey and stuffing to football and that gross cranberry sauce out of a can, but it’s also known for less-wonderful things, specifically spending time with family members that you don’t really care to spend time with. At best, this will result in a few awkward conversations with your in-laws about how good turkey is. At worst, it’ll be an all-out showdown between masters of the martial arts, punching and kicking each other over whether or not pumpkin pie is better than pecan pie. (It is, obviously.)

For the people in that second group, the El Rey Network will be hosting its second annual “Way Of The Turkey” kung fu movie marathon specifically for you. Starting on November 26 (Thanksgiving) and running until November 29, the marathon will include 72 hours of classic kung fu action, with periodic …

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