Newswire: Eddie Huang now fresh off of Fresh Off The Boat

Shocking people with no capacity for intuiting the inevitable, it seems Eddie Huang now has one less line on his LinkedIn profile. Turns out repeatedly trashing the sitcom based on your memoir is not the best way to ensure your continued employment on said show: Vulture reports Huang is no longer doing voiceover narration for new episodes of Fresh Off The Boat, the ABC comedy “inspired by” his life.

The show, about a Chinese-American family in the ’90s that moves from D.C. to Florida, will continue as a half-hour single-camera comedy, but without an ongoing narrator. Series creator Nahnatchka Khan has previously emphasized that the show would not replace Huang as a narrator if it came to this: “If there is a narrator, it would be Eddie. It won’t be suddenly Honey narrating, or somebody else.” While the show has not reached out to see if perhaps master …

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