Newswire: Ed Weeks and Mindy Kaling are making a sitcom about lesbians in Kansas

The Mindy Project‘s star and creator Mindy Kaling is partnering with co-star Ed Weeks for a new single-camera comedy that has landed at ABC. Remember when Rush Limbaugh warned that lesbian farmers were trying to take over America? Well, his warning is 100 percent factual. There is an underground network of lesbian farmers plotting the demise of this country. We meet every third Thursday.

Perhaps Kaling and Weeks were inspired by Limbaugh’s lesbian farmer alarm bell when deciding to make this new untitled comedy, which will center on Laurel and Marisa, a liberal lesbian couple living in Laurel’s conservative hometown in Kansas with their teenage son. Deadline‘s description doesn’t suggest any farm takeovers, though; instead, it sounds like Laurel and Marisa are going to have their preconceived notions about Middle America challenged.

The project is being co-written by Weeks and Peep Show producer Hannah Mackay …

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