Newswire: Ed Helms is developing a dark comedy about restaurant chains

Deadline reports that Ed Helms is producing Starters, a “dark comedy” that will explore the seedy underbelly of corporate theme restaurants, which is good news for anyone who feels the servers at their local Applebee’s or Chili’s need to be taken down a peg. FX is developing the half-hour comedy from author and “humorist” Dan Kennedy, with Will Graham (The Onion News Network) attached as director and showrunner. Helms will executive produce through his Pacific Electric Picture Co. No stars are attached to appear yet, but given Helms’ history in workplace comedies, we could see a return of the ‘Nard Dog in a guest-starring role as the jerk from corporate who shows up to count everyone’s bits of flair (that’s not a euphemism).

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