Newswire: Ecto Cooler might come back, completing the infantilization of a generation

Contrary to popular belief, fans’ intense love for the Ghostbusters brand comes not from the films, the Saturday morning cartoon, or even the toys. Instead, it would appear that it’s Ecto Cooler—not busting, as previously implied—that makes nostalgic thirtysomethings feel good. And luckily for anyone who had a stockpile of those orange and green juice boxes in their refrigerator growing up, it looks like Ecto Cooler may be making a comeback:

According to /Film, Coca-Cola, which owns Hi-C, re-registered the trademark for the brand on September 15, and it was approved earlier this month. While this may simply be so that Coke can keep the name in its cold, sugary, clutches, it’s also possible that the soft drink maker is looking to relaunch Ecto Cooler alongside the July 17, 2016 release of Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters reboot. It would be a perfect time for grown men …

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