Newswire: Earth Girls announce debut album with bubblegum pop anthem “Say Goodnight”

In 2014 Earth Girls hit the ground running, releasing two 7-inches and a demo in the same calendar year. Since then the band’s productivity has slowed, due to some shuffling of the lineup. But on August 12, it’ll return with a full-length debut on Grave Mistake Records, Wanderlust. The A.V. Club is premiering “Say Goodnight,” which shows the band has only sharpened its pop sensibilities during that time off. Vocalist-guitarist Liz Panella is still capable of making songs that jump from one hook to another, as “Say Goodnight” grabs attention in its first few seconds and never lets go. Earth Girls makes garage-pop that’s so densely packed it’s almost easy to lose the complexity of the arrangements, but that’s exactly what make ”Say Goodnight” work. It may be bubblegum pop, but its flavors don’t fade after first listen.

Pre-orders for Wanderlust are available …

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