Newswire: EA closes Maxis, the studio behind SimCity

After failing to stop a rampaging monster from smashing it, and then realizing that it had too many industrial buildings next to residential buildings anyway, Electronic Arts has decided to close the Emeryville headquarters of SimCity developer Maxis—formerly one of the biggest names in PC gaming. That comes from Kotaku, which reports that EA will continue to put Maxis’ name on stuff, but the actual people that made the various SimCity games, the SimWhatever spinoffs, and Spore have all been let go. However, development of the Sims games—which are like SimCity except you have to make people go to the bathroom instead of just giving their houses plumbing—is now controlled by a separate studio, so this shouldn’t have any impact on Sims 4 or any of EA’s other bathroom-focused games.

Originally co-founded by SimCity creator Will Wright in 1987, the studio fell out of favor …

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