Newswire: E! is making a reality show about a teenage medium, because that’s a real thing

Having the ability to communicate with the dead must be a huge burden. Not only are you superhuman, but you also possess definitive proof that there is life after death—which could be one of the most significant scientific discoveries in all of human history. Instead of becoming a lab rat, though, you dedicate your power—or gift, really—to helping people pretend that they’re talking to their dead relatives, and all you ask in return is a small fee and for your clients to vehemently defend you and your “abilities” on the internet. Basically, you’re as close to God as anyone could get without actually becoming God.

One such master of the afterlife is Tyler Henry, a 19-year-old living in Los Angeles who has just signed a deal with E! for a reality series tentatively titled Hollywood Teen Medium. That comes from Deadline, which says the show …

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