Newswire: Dwayne Johnson will be in Furious 8, also water is wet

The Fast & Furious series has changed a lot since the first movie came out in 2001. As some people may recall, that film was titled For Those Who Go Fast & Those Who Are Furious, and it was more of a serious drama about how illegal street racing was a metaphor for a rejection of the American political system and a general distrust of authority figures. The last few have been superhero movies with cars instead of capes, though, and no addition to the series has been more exciting—or more well-received—than Dwayne Johnson. He’s the huge mountain of muscles with a minigun that the franchise never knew it was missing until he showed up one day, cocked an eyebrow, and asked if anyone was able to smell what he was cooking. As it turns out, they could smell it, and it smelled like a ton of …

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