Newswire: Dwayne Johnson is making a TV show about the NFL draft

According to Variety, Dwayne “From HBO’s Ballers” Johnson is developing another TV show about football. Unlike the aforementioned Ballers, though, this project will be about actual football players playing actual football, and it will follow a number of college athletes as they experience the “physically and emotionally grueling four-mouth battle through All-Star games, the NFL Combine, Pro Day workouts, and non-stop training” necessary to being considered for the NFL draft. Johnson explains that he used to be an All-American football player in high school and was a collegiate National Champion in college, so he knows “how determined and relentlessly hard these athletes work,” which convinced him that their stories should be told. Also, he’s very famous and pretty likable, so he can probably do whatever he wants anyway. Variety doesn’t say how far along in production this project is or what networks (if any) are interested, but …

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