Newswire: Dwayne Johnson attached to star in a “sci-fi action comedy”

Dwayne “The Rocket” Johnson is the kind of superstar who is talented enough, popular enough, and intimidating enough that he can probably do whatever he wants in Hollywood. He can be a wrestler, he can be an Egyptian scorpion monster, he can be a tough action guy, he can be a tough action guy who makes jokes, and, well, that’s really the gist of it. One thing he hasn’t been too often, though, is a guy in space. We’ve seen him punch dudes on Earth, in the center of the Earth, and in a wrestling ring, but why is it so rare that we get to see him punch dudes in space?

Well, finally, that’s going to change soon. According to The Hollywood Reporter, DreamWorks has just picked up the rights to Alpha Squad Seven, a “sci-fi action comedy pitch” that Johnson is attached to star …

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