Newswire: Dutch post-punk band The Ex releases list of 50 worst songs

There’s no shortage of Best Of lists on the internet, but Dutch post-punk band The Ex has announced its own personal Worst Of. The Ex Pukebox: The Vomit 50! lists the songs the band considers the most “vomitable” or “massively irritating.” These aren’t necessarily meant to be the worst songs ever recorded, but are instead overplayed chestnuts, “most heard in gas stations and supermarkets, creating physical discomfort.” These are less songs that are purely awful than songs the world is simply sick of—according to The Ex.

Paul McCartney, whose works grace many a top 50, is well-represented here, with “Silly Love Songs” and “Ebony and Ivory” in the top 10, and “The Girl Is Mine” and “Mull Of Kintyre” also on the list. The early ‘80s seem to be the pinnacle of badness, with Reagan-era hits like “Uptown Girls,” “Addicted To Love,” “Africa,” “Sussudio,” and “We Built …

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