Newswire: Dustin Diamond arrested for allegedly stabbing a guy in a bar

The grand Shakespearean saga of The Interview’s terrorist-threatened release is practically over, which means it’s time for hard-hitting news outlets to find something equally worthwhile to talk about. Or, better yet, let’s all check in on Screech from Saved By The Bell. He’s probably been up to some interesting stuff.

Well, according to Milwaukee’s Fox affiliate, he actually just got arrested for allegedly stabbing somebody in a bar with a switchblade. This is just the sort of wacky situation that Screech and his best buddy Zack Morris would get into back in the day, with the two of them eventually putting together some kind of wacky scheme to finally get Mr. Belding off their backs. But no, this is a serious situation and a guy in Wisconsin really got stabbed. Plus, as far as we know, Mr. Belding isn’t involved at all.

The way …

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