Newswire: Duncan Jones has some thoughts on a hypothetical Warcraft sequel

Although it vanished from U.S. box offices with a quickness, Duncan Jones’ Warcraft movie was a hit overseas; the film more than made back its $160 million budget in China alone, granting it the dubious title of “most successful video game movie ever.” And while that moderate success hasn’t driven producers to immediately start whipping up a second movie, Jones knows what he’d do if he got a sequel.

Appearing at a screening of the film in London this weekend, Jones made it clear that a second Warcraft film would follow up on the breadcrumbs laid down by the first one, following the life of orc Moses-figure Thrall, who’s raised as a slave by humans despite his orcish heritage. “So to me the idea over the course of three films would be for Thrall to fulfill that vision of Durotan to create a new homeland for …

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