Newswire: #DumpStarWars protesters demand that Rogue One be a safe space

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hasn’t even premiered yet, but the film’s already getting it from all sides. Earlier this week, reports surfaced that white supremacists intended to boycott the movie because they simply couldn’t bear the strain of seeing someone who doesn’t look like them up on the big screen (no idea what that feels like). And even if that Reddit-born initiative flails, there’s a new hope for the intolerant, as Mashable reports that Donald Trump supporters are calling for a separate boycott over claims that the reshoots were done to shoehorn some anti-Trump scenes. This is complete bullshit, of course, but misinformation or a lack of information never stopped the president-elect, so why would it give his supporters any pause?

The latest boycott began with some tweets from Jack Posobiac, the self-described “special projects director” of a Citizens For Trump Twitter account …

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