Newswire: Drew Barrymore might host a talk show, let’s guess what it’ll be called

According to a report from Deadline, Drew Barrymore may be leaving the “vacations with Adam Sandler” phase of her career and entering a new, talk show-based one instead. Apparently, Barrymore is in talks with Warner Bros. to host some kind of program that will launch next year, but no official deals have been drawn up yet. That’s pretty much all we know at this point, including whether or not this will be one of those daytime talk shows like Ellen or an edgier nighttime one like Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show. (Sometimes he gets famous people to play drinking games!)

With such little information available, it’s up to us to guess what direction the show will take. To do that, we’re going to come up with suggestions for a title. Assuming it’s on in the morning, it’ll need a breezy, casual name like Coffee With …

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