Newswire: Dream of the ’90s revived in Chicago with Smashing Pumpkins/Liz Phair tour

Some cities get to be cool all of the time. (Casts a sideways glance towards New York City.) The A.V. Club‘s home base of Chicago, however, is not one of them. No, the last time Chicago was cool on a national level was in the ’90s, when local artists like Liz Phair and The Smashing Pumpkins formed the epicenter of an alt-rock scene in Chicago’s Wicker Park while alt-country bands like Wilco formed their own community at Lincoln Park’s Lounge Ax. The Chicago music scene was taken over by emo bands in the late ’90s, though, and nowadays William (not Billy) Corgan owns a tea shop in the suburbs and Phair, last we checked, was doing her best to alienate her fan base by releasing crappy experimental and forgettable lo-fi records after her big attempt at “selling out.” And Wicker Park? Well, one of its most …

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