Newswire: Dr. Luke releases his own batch of emails pointing to Kesha’s “erratic” behavior

In response to that string of rather unflattering emails released by Kesha last week, embattled music producer Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald has filed a motion with some correspondence that he claims counters Kesha’s claims that he said terrible things about her appearance. Dr. Luke initially tried to shrug off the emails he sent to Kesha, claiming he’d be vindicated in court even after the world learned he’d basically told her he didn’t ”give a shit” about her input on her own music.

Now Rolling Stone reports that he’s asked to enter some of his own emails into evidence, in which he compliments Kesha on her appearance. There are also reportedly messages in which Kesha’s team expresses concerns about her meal plan and fitness regime, as well as deems her behavior “soo [sic] erratic.” Regarding that whole not caring about her opinion on lyrics she …

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