Newswire: “Dr. Feelgood Falls Off The Ocean” on Guided By Voices’ upcoming double album

Back in January, Guided By Voices announced August By Cake, and while the announcement of a new Guided By Voices record seems to come with the change of the seasons, this new one is monumental. Not only is it band leader Robert Pollard’s 100th album, it’s the first double album in the band’s career, because Pollard’s prolific nature is matched only by his ambition. Today, The A.V. Club is premiering “Dr. Feelgood Falls Off The Ocean,” which sees Pollard and company use a stuttering drum machine to establish a rhythm before turning in one of the compact pop songs that have become Guided By Voices’ calling card. Like all good Guided By Voices songs do, “Dr. Feelgood Falls Off The Ocean“ takes a familiar approach and makes it feel fresh, over and over again.

Pre-orders for August By Cake are available now.

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