Newswire: Dr. Dre’s assault on Dee Barnes was cut from Straight Outta Compton’s script

Much has already been made of the way F. Gary Gray’s N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton elides some of the group’s less admirable aspects—especially its members’ relationships and sometimes violent actions toward women. Most prominently, music journalist Dee Barnes, who was assaulted by Dr. Dre in 1991, posted her own review of the movie on Gawker, calling out the film for the way it ignores violence against both herself, and other women who operated in N.W.A.’s orbit. It’s interesting, then, to note that Barnes only called for her attack to be acknowledged in the film, not graphically depicted, in light of a Los Angeles Times article published today that shows that the altercation was originally included in Straight Outta Compton’s script.

Looking over an earlier draft of Jonathan Herman’s screenplay, Times reporter Gerrick D. Kennedy describes the scene like …

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