Newswire: Doug Liman is revolutionizing superhero movies, sequels, basically everything

Viva la blockbuster! Edge Of Tomorrow director Doug Liman says he’s ready to revolutionize, flip the script, and just generally chop and screw any Hollywood concept he can get his hands on, from superheroes to virtual reality to the concept of the sequel itself. Liman is currently stumping for his new VR-based TV series Invisible—cryptically noting, “How can you be conventional when there aren’t even conventions that exist?”—but he’s also been fielding questions about the other projects he’s been attached to in recent years.

Most notably, Liman’s been talking about Dark Universe, a planned adaptation of DC’s Justice League: Dark featuring magic-based superheroes like John Constantine and superpowered stage magician Zatanna. Liman didn’t get into specifics on the project, but noted that, “When Warner Bros. wants to sort of turn the comic book genre on its head, they call me. It …

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