Newswire: Double Fine is crowdfunding a Psychonauts sequel

In the world of gaming, there are a handful of titles so highly regarded that some people take it as an affront to the medium if you haven’t played them. Of these titles, the most highly regarded is easily an old 3D platformer for the original Xbox called Blinx: The Time Sweeper. Second place, though, has to go to Psychonauts, a beloved game from Tim Schafer and Double Fine Productions that came out way back in 2005. Blinx, of course, got a sequel a few years after it was released, and now Psychonauts is finally following its lead and getting a sequel of its own.

As reported by Polygon, Double Fine is planning to pay for Psychonauts 2 the same way it did its last few high-profile projects: with a crowdfunding campaign. Instead of using Kickstarter, though, Double Fine is teaming up with a new platform called Fig that …

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