Newswire: Doodle by tantrum-prone infant goes for $29k at auction

You can be forgiven for just wanting this week to be over already, especially when it comes to political news. A stressful and literally life-threatening possibility of destroying our already precarious and damaged health care system was narrowly avoided. The new White House Communications Director gave Republican parents yet another reason to be proud their party has such great role models for their kids. And North Korea fired another damn missile.

But there’s a flake of tasteless, odorless gold atop this shit sundae, just waiting to not be savored as we count down the hours until we can disappear inside a whiskey bottle for a few blissful hours of peace and serenity, possibly while listening to that pretty great new Tyler, The Creator album. Yes, a meaningless yet symbolic story about the noxious tenets of hyper-capitalism also transpired today, as The New York Times reports a doodle of the …

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