Newswire: Don’t worry, they’re filming Hamilton before Lin-Manuel Miranda leaves

News broke today that Lin-Manuel Miranda is officially leaving Hamilton on July 9, as was previously rumored. But as Miranda himself pointed out on Twitter, there’s an even bigger news story hidden within that announcement: Before Miranda leaves the show, Hamilton will film two live performances.

1)So far @USATODAY is the only one not burying the lede:
We’re filming the original cast before I go.

— Lin-Manuel Miranda (@Lin_Manuel) June 16, 2016

Miranda admits there are no plans for what to actually do with that footage yet, which will also include “offstage cameos.” He jokes they’ll be throwing it into “a vault at Gringotts” (a.k.a. the highly secure bank in Harry Potter). But even so, Hamilton fans will be pleased to know that a version of the show featuring the original cast (minus Jonathan Groff, who already left …

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