Newswire: Don’t worry, there are more Bad Moms in our future

Although the news of a convention-bucking, all-male spin-off of Bad Moms struck fear in the hearts of those who prefer their parenting comedies to focus on misbehaving matriarchs, the filmmakers are promising that there will be plenty more woman-led negligence. Jon Lucas and Scott Moore tell CinemaBlend that following the adventures of the titular Bad Moms is a cinematic priority for them. In fact, according to Lucas, Bad Moms 2 is their “first and foremost” goal, so don’t even bother telling them about all the bad dads out there.

We know that the studio is excited about expanding the world of, whatever you would call it, the Bad Dads and Bad other things. Our primary focus is on doing a sequel, because I completely agree with you. It was too fun making this thing to not make another one.

Moore backs his collaborator, telling the publication that even if …

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