Newswire: Don’t try to tell Mads Mikkelsen he’s playing a bad guy in Doctor Strange

Mads Mikkelsen has made a career out of taking monsters—Bond villains, refined cannibals, bizarro chicken men—and presenting them sympathetically. So it’s not surprising that the actor asserted that his Doctor Strange character, Kaecilius, is less a villain, and more a man who opposes the hero’s point of view, at a recent press conference for the movie, which hits theaters on November 4.

“I always think of all characters as a hero,” Mikkelsen told Screen Rant, adding that he sees Kaecilius—who wants to open our world to other, potentially hostile dimensions— as a true believer in his ideals. “We tried to make him a man who knows what he’s talking about, a little bit like a demigod, Jonestown, or whatever it’s called, somebody who believes, utterly in what he says,” Mikkelsen said. (Note to Mads Mikkelsen: Most people do not see Jim Jones as …

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