Newswire: Don’t look now, they’re remaking Don’t Look Now

Don’t Look Now, a tense 1973 psychodrama that is elevated and inextricably defined by director Nicolas Roeg’s singular visual style, is getting a remake from some person, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Producers Andrew Rona and Alex Heineman are currently shopping only the concept of remaking it right now, employing a strategy of taking someone else’s old idea and selling it to a studio, which will then pay someone else to turn it into a new idea—similar to what Rona and Heineman recently did with Escape From New York. The same team is also behind one of the dozen or so Robin Hood rehashes currently floating around, as well as the Liam Neeson “Taken, but on an airplane” thriller Non-Stop. Indeed, they are one of Hollywood’s hottest production duos for things that have already been produced.

Now they’ll bring that same conservationist sensibility to …

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