Newswire: Donovan Wolfington raises a “Solo Cup” to the ones it loves

For Donovan Wolfington, the journey to its second album was a difficult one. Having lost a member before the recording process started, the group lost another during the mastering process, plus the owner of the studio the band was recording in died from a bone marrow disorder during the album’s recording. It’d be easy to expect the product of these sessions to be dispiriting, but How To Treat The Ones You Love puts its focus on the light at the end of that dreary tunnel. Topshelf Records will release the album on August 21, but The A.V. Club is premiering one the album’s tracks, “Solo Cup,” below. The song’s first 10 seconds are a dead ringer for Death Cab For Cutie’s “Crooked Teeth,” but it quickly splits off with spacey riffs and a rattling bass line that makes something triumphant out of its difficulties …

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