Newswire: Donald Trump’s pissed about that Snoop Dogg diss

Donald Trump should have his mind on his money, since his money is on everyone else’s minds right now, but instead, he’s just working himself into a lather over Snoop Dogg’s “Lavender” remix. The rapper released the Badbadnotgood remix earlier this week, with a video that saw him pull a toy gun on a Trump clown. The gag proved to be so beyond the pale that it united Trump with his former enemy, Marco Rubio. Rubio bravely came forward yesterday to decry Snoop Dogg’s provocative imagery that consists of a flag with the word “Bang” on it. And it seems “Little Marco’s” concerns have reached the president’s ears, or maybe one of his aides just played that InfoWars video for him during lunch, because Trump is furious that more people aren’t outraged by the video.

Can you imagine what the outcry would be …

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