Newswire: Donald Trump says it was the microphone’s fault he bragged about groping women

From the moment people heard the audio of Donald Trump bragging to Billy Bush about how he’s allowed to grope women as much as he wants because he’s famous, Trump and his campaign have done everything they can to blame someone other than Trump himself for the comments. They blamed intimidating alpha male Billy Bush, they blamed the public’s lack of tolerance for totally normal “locker room talk,” and they probably even tried to blame President Obama in some way. As it turns out, though, the real culprit wasn’t someone at all. It was something.

According to an interview that Trump gave with Catholic TV network EWTN that will air tonight (excerpts of which were obtained by The Washington Post), the real thing we should all be mad at regarding that recording is the microphone itself. As Trump eloquently explained, “the microphones, I mean to …

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