Newswire: Donald Trump may hate CNN, but apparently TMZ is cool

Donald Trump’s war against CNN and its insistence on reporting about the awful things he does finally culminated in a full-on CNN boycott in early February that lasted for several excruciating hours. Since then, he has continued to whine about the news network, frequently referring to it as “fake news,” but there are some news outlets that Trump does like. One is Fox News, of course, which recently inspired Trump to make up a fake terrorist attack in Sweden, but a New York Times report suggests that he’s also pretty cool TMZ—which makes perfect sense, considering Trump’s obsession with celebrities.

Apparently, Trump held a relatively secret meeting with TMZ founder Harvey Levin in the Oval Office last week that wasn’t included on his public schedule for some reason, and the two spent “about an hour” talking about “future opportunities.” As diehard Trump fans may know …

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