Newswire: Donald Trump makes Boy Scouts chant for him, regales them with yacht sex story

Outside of idiot racists and prominent members of the Republican party who care about nothing but power (some of whom may also be idiot racists), very few adults actually fall for Donald Trump’s bullshit. He’s a mediocre conman and a worse businessman who is benefitting from years of politicians spitefully changing the rules because they hated President Obama, and now we’re apparently stuck with an orange idiot running the country who doesn’t understand the basic things he’s trying to undermine.

Like a lot of aspiring dictators, though, Trump seems to have found one demographic in particular that he can still mold into his ideal supporters: children. Today, Trump spoke at the massive Boy Scouts Jamboree, but instead of telling the thousands of young people in attendance about some crap he doesn’t comprehend, like working hard or respecting people, he got them to chant for …

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