Newswire: Donald Trump loves free speech so much, he’s barring CNN, NYT from press briefings

Donald Trump loves the first amendment. (The biggest, the greatest, the firstest amendment that there is.) We know that, because Trump just told us so, speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference just outside of Washington, D.C. “Nobody loves it better than me,” Trump told the cheering audience, suggesting that, like Lenny from Of Mice And Men—or Donald Trump with any woman he finds attractive—he loves freedom of the press so much that he’s just going to hug and kiss it until something tragic inevitably occurs.

Specifically, Trump spoke out against “unnamed sources,” that boogeyman of anonymity that’s filled reportage in the last month—and oh God, we just remembered that it’s only been a month—with news of a highly dysfunctional Trump White House. According to Variety, Trump referenced a story in which “nine people” had confirmed something—presumably, the Washington Post story …

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