Newswire: Donald Trump harassed Apprentice crew by comparing them to his daughter

Suggesting Donald Trump’s demeaning behavior toward women isn’t some recent phenomenon that only just cropped up within the last 70 years, The Associated Press has published a lengthy interview with more than 20 former cast and crew members on The Apprentice, who say that Trump regularly, openly harassed women there with sexist remarks and overtures. It’s certainly a damning revelation, akin to learning that the arsonist who burned down the orphanage also wasted a lot of gasoline, and it has the incredible, soul-hollowing distinction of feeling superfluous—especially amid The New York Times reporting that Trump likely hasn’t paid taxes in 18 years and Trump, the spam email who ran for president, issuing his call for America to “check out sex tape.” But anyway, here’s some more shit to be subsumed into the shit-pile by detractors whose outrage plateaued months ago, and to be ignored …

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