Newswire: Don Draper’s Heinz ad is now a real thing

The Mad Men season-six episode “To Have and to Hold“ saw Don Draper and Peggy Olson competing for the Heinz account with very different campaigns. While Peggy went with something more product-oriented, Don created ads that had no ketchup bottles in sight, telling the Heinz folks that their name was so inextricably linked to the condiment that consumers would have no trouble conjuring up the missing bottle in their heads. They passed on it, because Kip Pardue had little imagination, but now the real Heinz is bringing the fictional campaign to life.

Image: Heinz

According to BuzzFeed, three “Pass The Heinz” ads will run in print and on billboards and such beginning March 13. The image above is of one of the subway ads that will run, and sure, we’re picturing the uncapped bottle hovering above that burger, so well done, Don. Fittingly enough, Heinz’s real agency, David …

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