Newswire: Dogs! Flying! Airplanes!

“Can a dog fly an airplane?” It’s a stupid question, sure, but is it stupid enough? That’s the query being posed by a new U.K. reality series optimistically titled Dogs Might Fly, in which rescue dogs—smart ones, we bet, from good families and top schools—undergo training in an attempt to get them to operate actual, non-imaginary planes, and then fail, because they’re dogs.

According to an ABC News write-up of the planned six(!)-part series, the dogs will first be tested for intelligence (and, presumably, previous plane-flying experience) and then moved into a mansion, long considered the optimal location for bored people with too much money to get up to something truly dumb. There, they’ll be tested to see if they can be conditioned to learn all the normal piloting skills—memory, pattern recognition, having hands or a brain larger than a grape …

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