Newswire: Doctor Strange’s writer on [REDACTED]’s fate and that final credits sequence

[As you might have guessed, this post includes major plot points from Doctor Strange. Read at your own risk.]

Doctor Strange‘s big emotional turn comes when a character that has been the source of controversy bites the dust. After being gravely injured in battle, Tilda Swinton’s The Ancient One dies on an operating table, but not, however, before offering sage counsel to the hero. But does that mean a major figure has just disappeared from the burgeoning franchise? Or will this be another Coulson situation? When The A.V. Club got on the phone with the film’s writer Jon Spaihts, we asked just how seriously we should take her story’s conclusion. “It certainly should not be taken as a trick,” he said. “It is very solemn and very real.” Spaihts did qualify that statement, though: ”However, this is a mystical universe and the character is centuries …

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