Newswire: DMX and his bodyguards accused of robbing two men at a New Jersey gas station

Newark Police are looking into allegations that DMX and his bodyguards robbed a New Jersey man and his friend at a gas station just after midnight on Sunday. According to reports, the two men had stopped for gas when DMX and his entourage pulled up in four black Escalades.

While fans greeted DMX and asked for autographs, the alleged victims attempted to enter the gas station store, which was locked. Upon walking back to their vehicle, the men were allegedly stopped and questioned by DMX’s entourage. “They probably thought we had a gun, because [my friend] had his hand in his pocket — and that’s how people carry if they have one,” said the man, who did not wish to be named.

According to the man, DMX’s group grew curious, and asked his friend what he was carrying. His friend countered by saying, “There’s nothing in my …

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