Newswire: Dive into the emotional, exhilarating world of Extremity in this exclusive preview

Daniel Warren Johnson is one of the best action storytellers working in comics right now, and his work on titles like Dark Horse’s The Ghost Fleet and his ongoing Space-Mullet webcomic has revealed an incredible talent for exhilarating, engaging battle scenes. His new series from Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment, Extremity, delivers no shortage of heart-stopping action, but it’s bolstered by a strong emotional foundation as Johnson tells the story of Thea, a young artist who loses her drawing hand and her mother when her people are attacked by a rival clan.

With a visual sensibility that combines medieval design with futuristic sci-fi elements and a heavy dose of Mad Max, Extremity is a stunning book with bold coloring from Mike Spicer, and The A.V. Club reached out to Johnson to learn more about the inspiration for the series, how he’s switching up his art style …

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