Newswire: Disney shows off Civil War, Jungle Book, Captain America’s “perfect teeth”

Although its biggest marketing push was planted firmly behind all the big Star Wars-based announcements today, Disney’s live-action panel at this weekend’s D23 Expo didn’t neglect the company’s other franchise offerings, either. Before trotting out J.J. Abrams and the cast of The Force Awakens for the big, Harrison Ford-applauding finale, the panel gave time to Disney’s upcoming spate of live-action reboots—including The Jungle Book, Pete’s Dragon, and Beauty & The Beast—as well as Marvel’s next big tentpole, Captain America: Civil War.

Almost every project had some member of its cast on hand, with Bryce Dallas Howard introducing the Pete’s Dragon footage, which apparently injected the air of creepy mystery that the goofily whimsical 1977 original so clearly and painfully lacked. (As per standard convention protocol, none of the footage from today’s panel has been officially released yet …

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